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The best emulator of Nintendo Switch is called Yuzu. This app has the option of playing online some games la Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros Ultimate, among others. We-ve created a server in which the users of Yuzu can know each other, play together or just talk about life, for example. Our goal is to make the biggest community of users of this great emulator. Of course, we also are able to provide any kind of nintendo switch game available for Yuzu and to answer any doubt about the app. At least, got to emphasize that despite the server is originally cretaed by spanish people, we-re trying to make the server multilinguistic, there is a site for people who talk spanish, english, italian or even chinese. We-re a small group but we keep growing up. Join, know people, play and have fun.
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 New York

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