Solidaridad New York  14 abr 2016

Amigos solidarios

Busco gente que esté interesada en actividades voluntarias solidarias, colaboro con varias asociaciones, principalmente ayudando a niños. Cualquier ayuda por pequeña que parezca es muy importante. Muchas gracias por vuestra colaboración.


Nicole Hernandez Mendoza ¡YOU COULD HELP ME ANSWER THIS SURVEY! UNIVERSITY OF COLIMA FACULTY OF INTERNATIONAL BUSSINES. -Survey to gather information about the feasibility of exporting coconut butter to New York, NY, USA.-
Nicole Hernandez Mendoza LINK
jaraujo or all my friends wherever they are, please spread the following message: Rodolfo, Loquillo, you left the house in 1974 and returned from Panama, to continue your boat trip to the unknown, today I want you to know that we are still waiting for your return or signs that you are with us; there are people in Buenaventura who love you, miss you and wish to see you again. They saw you for the last time in New York, Mannhathan; send us a message reports: In Colombia [email protected] mobile phone 057 3206485468.